Amy Hixon

Model & Animal Lover

Shot by Jack Belli in Los Angeles

Amy wears: Oscar Denim Pants and the Oliver Rib Top

Where are you from?

Ohio, USA 

What do you do outside of modelling?

I love to paint and rescue dogs. I get the painting from my Grandpa and the animal obsession from my Mum. 

  • Amy wears: Oscar Denim Pants and the Oliver Rib Top

    Do you have any nicknames?

    'Baby Giraffe' when I dance in front of my friends

    Favourite place to be?

    Anywhere serene with my dogs

    Amy wears: Oscar Denim Pants and the Critter Tee

    Describe a typical day:

    After Breakfast take care of the pups, if not working we try to have an adventure together. Meet up with some friends for lunch, maybe go to a casting. Go back check on the dogs and cook some dinner at home, watch a good show and pass out… very typical!

    If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

    Salvador Dali, my favourite artist.

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Little Dragon.

  • Amy wears: The Ginger Jersey Top