Bella Clark


Captured in Bella's studio, Melbourne

Bella wears: The Ginger Jersey Dress

Where are you from Bella?

Melbourne, Australia 

Do you have any nicknames?

My full name is Isabella, so I guess Bella is a nickname that stuck.

How long have you been making jewellery for?

I studied Fine Art at RMIT and majored in Gold and Silver Smithing. While I was at uni, I met Kieran Jackson and together we collaborated to produce 'Building Two' - a jewellery label based on different concepts for each collection, rather than focusing one ongoing aesthetic. In November of 2016, I started my first solo label which has been really fun and exciting!

Bella in Coober Pedy shot by @brigetteclark_

What else do you do?

I'm currently studying dental technology. In my free time, I'm usually surrounded by friends and family, doing yoga or playing basketball. 

Where is your favourite place to be?

My grandma lives in Coober Pedy and I try to head up there a couple of times a year. It's a beautiful part of the desert in outback South Australia that started as an opal mining town. It's sort of weird as most people live underground in dug outs but it's a great places to just chill out and get inspired. 

What are you favourite materials to work with?

I love using yellow gold! It's such a beautiful material. I'm also really into semi precious stones at the moment.

What’s your birth stone?

Citrine or a yellow topaz.

What's your favourite piece you’ve ever made?

I've been doing a few wedding band commission pieces lately which is always a really special process to be part of. However, I think my favourite piece ever was a beautiful commissioned piece for a family friend, where we collectively designed the piece with gold, sapphires and other precious stones.

  • Bella wears: The Oliver Rib Top

    Bella wears: The Ginger Jersey Dress

    What are you working on at the moment?

    At the moment I'm working on a new range, playing around with new materials, shapes and sizes. Think bold earrings and fine chains!

    Who are your main influences?

    I'm inspired by things like art, furniture and fashion - more so than jewellery.

    Describe a typical day in your life.

    Wake up, go to yoga, head to the studio to get as much work done as possible! Then I'll usually head home, cook up something for dinner or meet up with a friend. I think I would go a little crazy if I didn't hang out with my girlfriends! 

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