Brittany Bogan

Artist, Painter

Captured in Brooklyn, New York

Britt wears: Jessie Top & Jessie Midi Skirt

How would you describe your style?

Wannabe French with an Italian attitude. 

Describe a typical day in NY?

I wish I was a morning person, but I’m not. When I finally wake up I get straight to work with emails and such. I head uptown to the studio in the early afternoon to paint and draw. New York is quite stimulating and I can get easily overwhelmed, so I love to go shut it out at an independent theatre in the city after with my husband. On the walk home, we can pop into a restaurant or bookstore. This city is wonderfully unpredictable like that. You can feel very busy and connected to so many people and activities without having to be social. I can be quite introverted and enjoy most being home at night creating while my husband is making music. If I have any extra energy I’ll dance it off before bed in the kitchen or living room. I highly recommend it.

Britt wears: The Aubrey Denim Dress

What are the main inspirations behind your artwork?

I’m inspired by the language in figures, colours and shapes. I’ve never been great with my words so I guess this is me wanting to say something and creating my own way of communicating that. 

Britt wears: Jessie Top & Jessie Midi Skirt

What's one thing you can't live without?


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