Lauren Cooper

Photographer, Adventurer

Captured on the East Coast of Tasmania, Australia

Bicheno Blowhole, Tasmania 

Where are you from?

I grew up in Canberra and moved to Hobart, Tasmania with my partner just over 2 years ago.

Where is your favourite place in Tasmania?

I have too many favourites! There will always be a special place in my heart for Mount Wellington, there is definitely a strong connection with the mountain when you see it every day. There is so much to explore up there as well as the breathtaking views over the city, and it looks even more beautiful when it snows. Cradle Mountain and Mount Field are my other favourite mountains, and you can’t go past the east coast of Tasmania.

What do you love about the East Coast of Tasmania?

What’s not to love! There is so much to do and see from the white sand beaches and crystal clear water to the red lichen-covered rocks. The landscapes of the coast are so diverse and most of the time you will have a whole beach to yourselves!


Lauren wears: The Alice Lace Slip Dress 

Any secret places off the beaten track you’d be willing to share with us?

I wouldn’t say it is a secret, but it is probably not as well known. One of our favourite short walks is The Needles which is just past Mount Field National Park. 

How long have you been taking such beautiful photos for and how did it begin?

Thank you! Only recently, I bought a DSLR just before we moved to Tasmania about 3 years ago and taught myself how to use it. When we moved to Tasmania we discovered how much we liked hiking so taking photos was just a natural progression to show our families and friends back in Canberra how beautiful Tasmania is. Instagram has also been a huge inspiration for me and has pushed me to learn from other photographers and progress my photography skills. I have come a long way in the past few years, but I still have so much more to learn. Photography is something I really enjoy doing, especially as it is something my partner and I enjoy doing together.

Lauren wears: The Alice Lace Slip Dress


Where would your dream travel location be?

The dream is to travel with my partner from Scotland to Scandinavia in a van for at least 6 months; hopefully we will be able to turn that dream into a reality soon. We also travelled to Japan in January this year but I would love to spend some more time there as 3 weeks was definitely not enough.

Describe what your ideal weekend looks like…

My ideal weekend would be packing up our van and heading away on Friday night after work with my partner. We usually don’t have a plan so we just pick a direction; find a secluded campsite, wake up for sunrise and stay up for sunset. Hiking up a mountain, wandering through rainforests or relaxing on a quiet beach, I don’t mind what we do as long as we are together and are spending it outdoors.

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