Paris Sanders

Model, Creative

Captured in Brooklyn, New York

How would you describe your style?

I love thinking of it as a rendition of a sort of 'academic' style. I wear trousers, turtlenecks, trenches, high socks, and pleated skirts, but with mules or vintage tee shirts to make it feel more casual and contemporary. I went to an all-girls school growing up, so I imagine my current style as how I would 'fix up' our uniforms back then.

How long have you been living in NY?

Not long at all, just since May, so 4 months now!

Describe a day for you living in New York City

It really depends. When the weather is nice, I really like reading outside in parks (Tompkins and McCaren are the best) or browsing for books at The Strand or at Bluestockings. When it's rainy, I like a movie at Sunshine or Metrograph or being comfy with a coffee. Before work, I almost always get a coffee at City of Saints on 10th. When I'm trying to unwind, I love Yoga to The People or going for a really long run. On a typical night, my boyfriend and I are super indecisive about where to get dinner (it's impossible with so many options!) and after a lot of deliberation, end up going to or ordering from the same spots--Takahachi is our favourite.

Paris wears: The Cooper Dress

What / who are your main influences?

In style, Joan Didion, and 1960's mods. In mind, I am influenced by the notion of advocacy and justice, and the works of Michael Sandel. In my heart, my biggest influence is my dad. There's a 60 year age gap between us and we always learn so much from each other's perspectives. He is also a flamboyant dresser, which I aspire to.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

I love to read and to write if that wasn't obvious already. The written word helps me clear my head and stay centred.

Do you have any nicknames

Family calls me P. My friends and boyfriend jokingly call me Pare bear when I'm in a pouty mood.

Paris wears: The Bonnie Pinafore Dress

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