RENDEZVOUS #10 - Pip Stent


Captured in Pip's studio, Sydney

Pip wears: The Cleo Knit Tee

How long have you been making jewellery for?

Having done one elective in Jewellery at the ANU in Canberra as Part of my Art History Degree I decided to apply for a job making jewellery at Sydney based jewellery and homewares company Dinosaur Designs in late 2014. In the 3.5 years since I studied traditional jewellery manufacture at the Design Centre Enmore whilst starting my label. 

Where do you get inspiration from for your work?

I feel most inspired when I have time to sit down and just play around with some metal, a piece of silver wire or wax. Most of my experiments will end up in my big bag of scrap metal. I’m constantly making and abandoning designs and forms, then revisiting them months or years later. Often it’s just my scraps of little clippings that end up inspiring my favourite pieces.

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What has been your favourite piece to make?

The wiggle hoops were one of the first pieces I designed and are still my most popular pair of earrings. I can just about make them with my eyes closed, which I find very relaxing.

Describe a typical day in your life.

A typical day starts with a quick water of the garden then a five minute walk up the road to my studio, stopping to grab a coffee on the way. At my studio I’ll make myself breakfast and try to get all my admin done before I’ve finished eating. Then I spend the rest of my day either making orders, working on custom jobs, designing pieces for a new collection or being distracted by the five other female designers and friends that share my studio. 

What’s one thing you cant live without?

Music, podcasts and audiobooks. I listen to them all day every day!

Do you have a New Years Resolution?

To focus on making jewellery that is more ethical and sustainable and to go for more swims in the ocean!

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