Melbourne, Australia.


How long have you been a musician for? Where did it all begin?

When I was a kid I sang harmonies with my sisters on long car trips, watched my parents play in bands, they eventually taught me how to play a bunch of instruments. From rural WA we drove all over the country performing as a family band until everyone grew up and left home. I started writing my own stuff when I moved to Melbourne at age 18. Since then I’ve spent a few years forming my sound, spurred by heaps of random influences spanning from my 60s folk roots to contemporary art pop. My sound is still erratically evolving haha.

Tell us about your new single with Didirri, Tea Stains…

Tea Stains was so fun to write with Didirri. It’s such a chipper laid back song about love and longing, so different to the heavy stuff we’re used to! It was a straight-down-the-middle collab. We wrote it together one lazy summer arvo as if it belonged to neither of us. That got rid of the inhibitions to create freely, without ego. I can’t wait to play it on tour with him soon.

What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

Putting out my single F*ked Up Over You last year. That song hit a pretty tender spot in my psyche, because of a bunch of relationship issues I’d had in the past. It was empowering and raw, but also a controlling mechanism for where my career / artistic exploration has taken me.

What have you got planned for this year?

This year I’m touring with Didirri for his Tea Stains tour soon in August. Sydney on the 22nd at Oxford Art Factory, Brisbane 23rd at The Zoo and Melbourne on the 30th st 170 Russell. I’ve never played that stage as big as that before so I’m pumped. I’m also getting everything together for my next elusive bad ass party single...

What is your favourite album of all time and why?

I love Kate Bush / Hounds of Love because it’s incredible songwriting and singing. Also it’s got kick ass art pop production based on her DIY demos. ‘Running Up That Hill’ is so epic and heartfelt, I love how controlled she is when her voice lilts and jumps around. She’s so freakish and fun, yet grounded and badass. This album inspires me to write and produce my own album away somewhere in a cabin with a looping midi machine haha.

You recently shaved all of your hair off (which looks incredible) What inspired you to do this?

I wanted to see what it felt like. There’s a lot to be said for looks in the music industry, when you rely on putting a face to your art to make it more personable and marketable. It’s difficult sometimes to maintain a certain standard that’s often expected from young female artists who aim to gain popularity. Traditionally, feminine beauty is alllll about the hair and make up. But looks are temporary. I like the shave because it’s a subtle way of saying that my looks don’t own me, I own them. Its incentive to try and make consistent art that will last long after my looks change or fade away.

Apart from music, what do you do in your spare time?

I bake the best peanut butter choc chip cookies. I I exercise, work in a denim store. I also study sound production, which is an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve never viewed the creative process in such a technical way.

If you could play anywhere in the world where would it be?

Spain. I’ve never been there. I want to to write an album there while I explore, partying and eating incredible food. If I still had hair I would drink cocktails and put the umbrella in my hair, then sleep it off in the afternoon siesta. And wake up with the umbrella poking in my eye. The best.

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