Our designs are created in Melbourne where we use sample machinists and pattern makers. 

The production of our clothes are made offshore in China. The designers make frequent visits to each of our factories (around 5 times a year).

As a reasonably small label, we are able to have very close personal relationships with our manufacturers.  

RYDER is committed to the communities in which we live and operate to ensure that we integrate good corporate behaviour into all aspects of our operations.

At RYDER we believe in looking beyond financial results and include social, environmental and ethical indicators in our performance measurements.

Factories must adhere to the RYDER social and ethical code of conduct when manufacturing goods for RYDER. Factories regardless of their previous results must be audited at least once per year.

Below is a summary of matters that are checked during the audit process. If any issues are found during the audit then a corrective action plan is issued to the factory and re-audits are scheduled (some announced, some un-announced) to ensure compliance with the code of conduct. This is an ongoing process.

RYDER produces its products through approved factories that have passed standard compliance inspections for 5 years of offshore production. We do not enforce aggressive price driving and our ethical practice is continually reviewed from design to production.

Note: Factory details are not disclosed to the general public as this is our company’s intellectual property.