#10 Pip Stent



Captured in Pip's studio, Sydney


What has been your favourite piece to make?

The wiggle hoops were one of the first pieces I designed and are still my most popular pair of earrings. I can just about make them with my eyes closed, which I find very relaxing.





Captured in Brittany's studio Brooklyn, NYC


What are the main inspirations behind your artwork?

I’m inspired by the language in figures, colors and shapes. I’ve never been great with my words so I guess this is me wanting to say something and creating my own way of communicating that. 





Captured in Brooklyn, NYC


What / who are your main influences?

In style, Joan Didion, and 1960's mods. In mind, I am influenced by the notion of advocacy and justice, and the works of Michael Sandel. In my heart, my biggest influence is my dad. There's a 60 year age gap between us and we alway learn so much from each other's perspectives. He is also a flamboyant dresser, which I aspire to.

What’s one think you can’t live without?

I love to read, and to write if that wasn't obvious already. The written word helps me clear my head and stay centered.



Artist, Painter


Captured in Hannah's Studio, Melbourne


What's your favourite thing about living in Melbourne?

My favourite part of living in Melbourne is that I live in bayside, far enough away from the city to feel secluded near the beach but not too far. I’ve always lived close to the beach and I can’t imagine it any other way. The other really nice thing about living in Melbourne is that my parents are here, we are very close so I love that I can stay connected to them.



Photographer, Adventurer


Captured on the East Coast of Tasmania, Australia


Where are you from?

I grew up in Canberra and moved to Hobart, Tasmania with my partner just over 2 years ago.

Where is your favourite place in Tasmania?

I have too many favourites! There will always be a special place in my heart for Mount Wellington, there is definitely a strong connection with the mountain when you see it every day. There is so much to explore up there as well as the breathtaking views over the city, and it looks even more beautiful when it snows. Cradle Mountain and Mount Field are my other favourite mountains, and you can’t go past the east coast of Tasmania.





Captured in Bella's studio, Melbourne


How long have you been making jewellery for?

I studied Fine Art at RMIT and majored in Gold and Silver Smithing. While I was at uni, I met Kieran Jackson and together we collaborated to produce 'Building Two' - a jewellery label based on different concepts for each collection, rather than focusing one ongoing aesthetic. In November of 2016, I started my first solo label which has been really fun and exciting!

Who are your main influences?

I'm inspired by things like art, furniture and fashion - more so than jewellery. 



Founder, Canyon Coffee


Captured in Ally's home, California. Shot by Jack Belli


Where did the name Canyon Coffee come from?

Casey and I met in Beachwood Canyon 4 1/2 years ago! We also love the imagery Canyon brings up for us… it seemed to encapsulate the whole vision we had for the brand perfectly.

What is your perfect coffee?

Black. A pour over of our Chochajau.



Model, Animal Lover


  • Where are you from?

    Ohio, USA 

    What do you do outside of modelling?

    I love to paint and rescue dogs. I get the painting from my Grandpa and the animal obsession from my Mum. 



    Model, Creative


    Captured by Jack Belli in Highland Park, Los Angeles


    Who are your main influences?

    My mum! She's the smartest, strongest, coolest woman I know. I will forever be emulating her.  

    Favourite place you have been to in your travels?   

    It's probably a little cliche, but I love France so damn much. I lived in Paris for a year and it's always a little more magical every time I go back. 



    aka Dashunya, Dasha, Dashenka


    Brooklyn, NYC 


    Where are you from?

    I am from a very small city Apsheronsk in Russia.

    Dream location?

    I wish to visit Hawaii , Australia , Bora Bora. I would love to surf there.