Our concept: Clothes for longevity, ethical factories, giving back to the land that inspires us.

Designed to last: Buy fewer, more wonderful things. We creating items you will love forever (or until your next of kin fits into it). Our designs recreate tried and tested styles that are never going to date. Our mum wore versions of what we do. A wardrobe full of versatility and longevity.

RYDER Design Studio

Our factories: We visit out factories in person and meet our makers multiple times a year in Hong Kong and China. We have personal relationships with the owners and team members who work on our production. We even share cups of tea. Compliance audits are carried out. More information can be found here.

Our fabrics: The core of our collection is made up of natural fibres to make our garments as sustainable as possible.

RYDER Design

Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant. We love linen as it is light-weight, breathable and durable. It is also one of the most biodegradable fabrics. 

Tencel is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees that are grown and replaced on specialized tree farms. Unlike most cellulosic fabrics, tencel is produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvents.

Organic Cotton is made without the use of toxic chemicals such as pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms. Organic cotton also uses lower carbon due to lesser fuel and energy consumption, it also uses far less water compared to regular cotton.

When necessary we will use blends with synthetic materials which will enhance the products durability and longevity. Characteristics that are achieved by blending these materials into natural fibers include a lighter weight garment that hold their shape over time. These garments are also more durable to convenient washing techniques.

Our priority is to only use natural fibers and blends that offer the most versatile and comfortable wearing experience.

RYDER Knitwear

Garment Care

Wash less - we encourage you to only wash when really needed. This will not only save water and washing detergent your clothes will also last longer. You really don’t have to wash your clothes after every wear. A handy  trick is to hang your clothes out in the fresh air to get rid of any odours.

Wash cold  - help the environment and save money! It’s a win win. Oh and you will also save your clothes! By using cold water you will use less energy with every load. Cold water has less impact on clothing so they are less likely to shrink or fade and will last longer.

Avoid the dryer - I know we all love putting on fresh knickers straight from the dryer but sometimes we have to make sacrifices. By not using the dryer you will help the environment by using so much less energy which will also save you money! How many times have we shrunk our favourite jumper in the dryer? Let’s avoid that!