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Evie wears the Emila Lace Blouse



Melbourne, Australia.

Evie wears the Emila Lace Blouse

Your work is so detailed, and you capture light so well - tell us about your process.

I use mainly watercolours, pencils and ‘Acryla’ paint, which is an awesome acrylic and gouache hybrid. I slip into the wormhole (aided by a long ambient mix on repeat, the right amount of nervous excitement and mantras like ‘work recklessly and joyously’ set as a mental screensaver) I start with really light washes, working from the lightest point to the darkest, moving fairly quickly, unless it is watercolor..which is a slow process! I like to work on 2 - 3 different paintings, switching between work as they dry.

You just held an exhibition called ‘Market fan club’ at Lamingtondrive, tell us about the inspiration behind these pieces.

The inspiration behind Market Fan Club is simple, I have lived opposite Queen Victoria Market for almost 5 years now and still enjoy speeding down the aisles, locking eyes with a navel orange, studying the way the light catches the watermelons..essentially playing a game of light and shadow appreciation with myself.

How has your style of illustrating and painting developed over time?

A larger variety of subject matter, working larger, incorporating different mediums, getting wild with the crayons, tightening up my watercolour skills and using the biggest sable paintbrushes available to do big scooshes.

If you could exhibit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Sprüth Magers, in Berlin. I visited a couple of years ago to see Frank Stella’s show and it was the most beautiful space. Call me, Sprüth.

What do you draw inspiration from?

Sunrises, certain colour combinations, stark shadows, reflections from the sun on buildings in the city, in-jokes with myself, reading about other artists who practise getting vulnerable with a paintbrush, floating in the ocean, certain flowers and spending time alone.

What do you love about Australia?

Being afforded the privileged position of being able to work as an illustrator.

What is your all-time favourite piece of clothing?

It isn’t’s a plain yellow tote that looks like a fake plastic cheese slice with handles from afar.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?

My parents, they are so wise. Though if I could … I would get Miranda July, Tove Janson, Roxanne Gay and Anne Truitt in on the action as they are all powerful beacons of hope and wisdom!

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