We are an independent Australian brand and we thank you for every bit of your support over the years. 

In this world of fast fashion, we believe that to do what you can is the best place to start. 

The fashion industry has a very long and hard road ahead of it to become one that doesn’t harm our planet or the people on it. We are not perfect but we are always striving to improve.

We are making big and small changes and we will keep you updated as we go. 

Our Philosophy

Here at RYDER we are fierce advocates for the “fewer, better” approach to clothing. Buy fewer, more wonderful things.

Clothes that take you through seasons, clothes that will not date year to year.

We encourage you to create a wardrobe of fewer but all beautiful pieces. 

By only producing small quantities it allows us to be kinder to our planet by never taking more than we need. By reducing excess stock we can reduce waste and materials and help the environment.


RYDER designs are created in our studio in Melbourne, Australia. All of our prints that you will see through out our collections are hand drawn by our in-house illustrator.

All of our designs are made to last. We do not follow any fast fashion trends or pressures on large collections and production.


We have several different factories that produce our clothing each specializing in different areas such as denim, knitwear and digital printing. Our factories are located in China and Hong Kong.

Our designers Penny and Georgie make frequent visits to each of our factories (around 5 times a year). As a reasonably small label, we are able to have very close, personal relationships with our manufacturers. We believe these relationships are integral to an ethical relationship.

Sustainable Materials

All of our pieces are made from organic and sustainable fibres. Each piece is designed with longevity in mind.

We have committed to reducing our use of plastic in any packaging and shipments. All of our pieces arrive to us in compostable bags and are sent to our customers in recycled mailers.